Best "Bang for the buck" Performance Mods: Is there such a thing?

Posted by Administrator on 7/28/2012 to Recent News
In an era of performance coming back to the main stream, its important to be able to determine where your hard earned money is spent. There are numerous opinions on what performance mods benefit the Corvette owner the most. With every opinion, there is also a product! Corvette Mods deals with many performance products for C5 to C6 Corvettes daily. Unfortunately, there isn't a black and white answer as to what mods are the most beneficial for the dollars spent. What it truly comes down to is what benefit you're looking for. 

Bolt on upgrades like exhaust cat back systems, headers, x pipes and high flow cats are one of the easiest and cost effective modifications that are 100% reversible on the market. Corvette Mods deals in Billy Boat, Supermaxx, Kooks, magnaflow and others. You can expect to see gains of appox 20-35 horsepower with a full exhaust system. Cat back only is usually good for about 15 hp. 

Next in line would be an air intake. The absolute simplest of them all, this modification is good for about 10-15HP on average. Look for brands like the Hurricane, blackwing, vararam and Halltech to name a few. These are tried and true systems, well built and ready to bolt on. 

Finally, a short throw shifter may do the trick for you. These can be installed with simple tools and really improve the feel of the driving experience. Installs take about 45 minutes to an hour on average. Look for brands like Hurst, Ripper Shifter B&M to name a few. After you complete your bolt on mods, your ready for the next steps...stay tuned for a forced induction review!
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