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C3 (1968-1982) Corvette Car Care

Corvette Mods prides itself on a decade long commitment to meritorious customer service. Here, we stock a vast selection of premium grade car care goods and accessories. These high-level products enhance your C3’s performance and curb appeal, and are engineered to help you protect the aftermarket value of your C3 investment. We know how the true Corvette connoisseur thinks, and we know what they are looking for when shopping for car care products. To please them, we go out of our way to stock the right mix of goods that satisfy the needs of every Corvette owner, from the everyday user, to the most fastidious collector.

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Car Covers
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Additional Accessories
Car care for C3 Corvette owners has been made superlatively easy by the folks at Corvette Mods. Here you can choose from a broad array of standard as well as hard-to-find items and supplies including interior and exterior car cleaning kits, replacement lamps, dash mats, steering wheel covers, front masks, neoprene seat covers, fender covers, and nip chips for wheel well paint protection. Mindful of our shopper’s penchant for perfection, every product we offer adheres to the strictest standards for precision and quality.

The hallmark of a truly great provider of car care gear and equipment is a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction that tops the charts. Accomplishing this begins with carrying the items that every customer needs. Having a weatherproof car cover is like having a portable garage that you take with you. Car covers are an inexpensive way to keep a vehicle clean and protect its exterior finish from the elements. Car covers come in many styles and sizes, and we stock a variety of them. The Curb-Alert™ parking sensor allows you to park in the tightest of spots without fear of damaging your C3's front end. Advanced Infrared LED technology inside the weatherproof unit detects approaching curbs and other obstructions forward of the driver, and warns them by issuing a series of audible beeps when objects come up too fast preventing front-end damage before it happens.

When you find yourself in need of reliable car care products and gear for your C3, feel free to browse our below catalog of items at your own convenience, and order whatever you like right here online.

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