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C3 Corvette 1968-1982 Car Covers

The elements are dangerous and damaging to even the most properly cared for cars. To keep your car safe from the rigors of the weather, take a look at Corvette Mods' selection of protective car covers. There are also covers available made specifically for indoor use to keep your car safe from dust and other possible damage in a garage or storage space. These car covers come with mirror pockets, so there is no strain put on your mirror from the fabric. In addition, there are many different color options available to ensure there is a cover to match your car, personality and preferences.

 Product Categories
Indoor Car Covers
Indoor Car Covers
Outdoor Car Covers
Outdoor Car Covers
Outdoor covers protect against most or all weather, including UV rays, depending on your chosen style. The covers are fitted to ensure a tight enclosure that protects as much of the car as possible. With options for both year and body style on the purchase page, it is easy to get a cover that fits your car perfectly.

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