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C5 Corvette (97-04) Engine Dress Up

A Corvette is an American legend, and like all things legendary, it deserves special treatment and all the trappings that come with it. Whether youíre looking to get your engine ready for show or ready for a race, there are plenty of add-ons that can get you started or finish off your project with a professional touch.

From engine covers to replacement hoods and air intake systems, there are a million different things you can do to customize your Corvette or add extra horsepower to give you that advantage when it counts the most.

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Stainless & Billet
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Carbon Fiber
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Custom Painted Parts
Looking to get your engine ready for a show? No problem there. With everything from valves, hoses, tank and cap covers, oil tank caps, and even custom decals, you can find everything your Corvette needs to outshine the competition in one place. Certified GM parts, hood decals, and even polished stainless steel fuse box covers are waiting to be custom fitted to your machine. From replacement lights for your hood to chrome plated hood hinges, weíve got you covered.

And you donít have to break the bank to add a little power behind your back wheels either. Options to add 5-15 horsepower to your cars overall power output donít cost an arm and a leg and can even be installed in a few simple steps. From throttle body bypasses to ram air intakes and mass air flow housings, each performance part shaves seconds off your time and adds to your overall HP without any wasteful spending.

Itís easy to know what youíre looking for when itís time to juice up or beautify your engine, but finding it can be the trick. Luckily, with everything in one place and at competitive prices, you can finish up your restoration, racer, or weekend driver in no time flat and have money and gas to burn.

Find engine dress up kits and parts for the following C5 Corvette years:

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  • 2004