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Small but mighty, lug nuts are often overlooked. But there are many reasons why they shouldn’t be. Most important, of course, is the fact that they keep the wheels from falling off your car - an embarrassment in any car but a really big problem when you drive a car as fast and powerful as a Corvette. Not only will faulty lug nuts fail to get you to your intended destination; they may get you to a quite unintended destination, such as a hospital or worse. But beside their practical and even life-perpetuating qualities, lug nuts have another important quality: looks. Small as they are, they’re an important component in the overall looks and appeal of your car - especially in a Corvette, where every part has been carefully designed, evaluated and perfected by generations of engineers. Don’t be a wingnut: Corvette Mods Chrome/Black Lug Nuts are a small but important investment that you shouldn’t overlook.
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Corvette C5 & C6 97-13 Chrome/Black Lug Nuts
Corvette C5 & C6 97-13 Chrome/Black Lug Nuts
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