Preserving a Piece of History

Posted by Neal on 12/26/2013 to About Corvettes
For many of those invested in the hobby of car collecting, it's all about cherishing the history of the car. The age of the car is the truly significant aspect, and what it represents in its era of engineering. Collectors in this category are most concerned with preserving the car just as it would have been back in its current day. They are not interested in updating it with the latest stereo system or carbon fiber body. Instead they are interested in maintaining the classic style of the car.
One particular model that has always caught the attention of enthusiasts is the Corvette. Today it remains a classic model with many devoted fans, each on the lookout for parts and tools that can keep their collector's items in good condition.
Protecting Your Collector's Item
To keep your antique car looking its best, it may be most beneficial to find a mod shop that caters directly to your model. This way, you can be sure that all parts will fit and work perfectly, and the accessories will stay true to the classic style. Daily maintenance like washing is important, which is why many shops will sell cleaning kits with high-end cleaning formula and custom polishing pads that will thoroughly clean your car without risking any damage to the body. Other ways to preserve your car's body include car covers, clear paint protectors, and convertible top protection pillows.
Restoring an Antique
Sometimes you may come into possession of a collector car that isn't quite what it used to be. It still has potential, but it needs some work to bring that potential out. Your Corvette mod shop should have you covered. From full wheel restoration kits to individual parts for the engine, exhaust, or other system, you should be able to find whatever you need. Spare parts true to the original for any model will keep your car running just like it was always supposed to. The interior will also be well taken care of with accessories that fit in perfectly with the classic style, such as steering wheel covers, dash overlays, and seat and floor pads.
When your car is fully restored and ready to meet the world, your mod shop may even offer tools to help you display your collector's item in a show. This can include lifts and rods to prop the top or the door open, as well as show mirrors which display the car's underside with an LED display. From the beginning of the process to the end, and beyond, the right shop will be there for you and your car.
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