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When you’re looking for Corvette C7 tires, look no further than Corvette Mods. Corvette Mods carries the new tire specifically made for the Z51 Stingray: Michelin North America’s Pilot Super Sport ZP. A hybrid tire, it combines the best aspects of the Pilot Super Sport ultra-high-performance tires and the Pilot Sport Cup Dot race tires that are an option for C6 Corvettes. With dual compounds and asymmetric sidewalls, this tire is a stellar performer in all areas. Like all Michelins, it’s noted for its long life and road grip. That’s particularly important when you own a noted a car with substantial power - a noted tire shredder like the Corvette C7. Whether you’re looking for tires to replace old, worn tires or to give your C7 better ride or handling, Corvette Mods has a tire for you and your C7. Corvette Mods also carries a full line of wheels to match your tires.