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Arguably the most distinctive of the Corvettes, the C3 Vette if the 70's and early 80's made a nation fall in love with American muscle cars. If you own a C3 Corvette today, you're likely the type of owner who meticulously maintains his vehicle and keeps everything in pristine condition. At Corvette Mods, we like your style (and your car's), and offer a full line of Corvette products and gear designed to get the most performance and enjoyment out of your ride. We carry a full line of cutting edge C3 Corvette Electronics, with radar and laser detectors that allow you to truly enjoy all that horsepower without worrying as much about being pulled over. We carry the most reliable brands; names you know like Beltronic and Escort, and we offer them at affordable prices that leave room in your budget for other cool Vette gear.

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There are two major factors in radar and laser detection usage. The first is making sure your equipment is keeping up with all the advancements in law enforcement technology. New bands are constantly being developed, as well as new methods of detection signal (or wave) delivery, like the POP mode, which sends a short radar burst that many older detectors simply couldn't catch. All of our laser and radar detectors are effective across all known bands, and many, like the Beltronics Pro 500, even have a preloaded database of all known safety cams in the USA. The second factor is the range and reliability of the detector. Nobody likes false alerts, and many other commercial uses of radar can trigger those. That isn't a problem for the Escort 8500 X50 laser and radar detector, which has the AutoSensitivity mode and Traffic Sensor Rejection software to sort out the meaningful radar from the ignorable.

In addition to the best C3 Corvette Electronics equipment at extremely friendly prices, we also have a customer service team that is professional, responsive...and chock full of Corvette lovers. Call us toll-free any time at 1-888-784-6921, and let us demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers total satisfaction every time. Guaranteed. At Corvette Mods, that's what we're all about!

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