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Fiberglass Painted Parts

The key to successfully installing fiberglass engine parts is finding a reputable source for the parts. Fortunately, C6 Corvette owners have that source in Corvette Mods. In some instances, Corvette owners have purchased fiberglass engine parts from other dealers only to find that the parts did not fit their C6 engine or that radical modifications were needed in order to get the parts to fit. Those issues are non-existent at Corvette Mods as all parts are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Our selection of custom painted fiberglass parts are available in all of the classic C6 Corvette colors which guarantees a perfect match with the exterior of your vehicle. You can purchase items such as alternator cover kits, power steering cover kits and fuse box cover kits individually or as parts in a complete engine cover kit. Whatever method you choose, you can be assured that the parts will be a perfect complement to your vehicle.